att-htc-one-exclusiveThere is nothing quite like the air of exclusivity when it comes to a particular device or gadget, as can be seen by the 64GB HTC One from AT&T which has been touted to be an exclusive device available Stateside only from that particular carrier. Assuming that is true, this would mean that you would have no other choice than to stick to AT&T Wireless as your mobile carrier if you want to tote around 64GB of internal memory on your HTC One without having to purchase an additional microSD memory card for storage purposes.

This particular bit of information was shared quietly in an HTC One promo video, which has already been uploaded on its official YouTube channel. Of course, other than this nugget of information, other more interesting details such as pricing and availability of the HTC One (64GB model or otherwise) remain to be revealed for those of us living in the good ol’ US of A. It is not without any reason, however, that most folks do anticipate an April release, which is good for HTC as well since they should gain a first mover advantage over the Samsung Galaxy S4.

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