Earns Best BuyNow here is a new set of rumors going around the Internet, which would be Best Buy hosting a selected amount of pop-up Samsung shops within their premises. Well, I am quite sure that you have heard of the picture-in-picture feature on larger screen TVs in the past, so how about a shop-in-a-store concept? This could jolly well be what Samsung and Best Buy have in mind, especially with the Samsung Galaxy S4’s release shaping up later this April. The temporary Samsung shops will more or less look like a “store-in-a-store” concept which Apple makes use of in Best Buy branches, and there stands a very good chance to see a Galaxy S4 sample being made available for testing purposes.


The initial Best Buy stores that will host Samsung shops will be told to remove a couple of aisles which are located right next to their current mobile departments. There will be the usual slew of stuff such as custom demo stations, obviously placed Samsung signage, in addition to a bunch of other Samsung products. Will it be effective in shifting more sales figures? Only time will tell…

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