Bring us the girl and wipe away the debt. That was the deal.

That’s the opening line of BioShock Infinite’s “False Shepard” trailer which was released yesterday. Judging by the opening of the video, it seems Booker DeWitt may not be the hero we all expected him to be as he may have his own ulterior motives as to why he’s making a trip to Columbia. We’re assuming the “girl” he’s supposed to bring to the people he owes money to is Elizabeth, and we’re certainly curious to see what Booker does once he finds her.

Not only does the False Shepard trailer highlight more of Booker’s backstory, but its also filled with some in-game action which finally features one of the game’s most iconic henchmen, the Handyman. We’re not entirely sure how he functions, but we do know every encounter Booker has with him will probably result in a tough battle.

BioShock Infinite, which the trailer so graciously reminds us, will be released in just a little over a week on March 26.

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