We’re sure that prior to the launch of Blackberry 10, there were some Blackberry users who decided to wait it out by using another platform. On the flipside we’re sure that there were some iOS or Android users who saw the Z10 and liked what it had to offer. While it remains to be seen how this plays out in a global context, it looks like India is enjoying a fair bit of success with the Blackberry Z10. Speaking to The Hindu Business Line, Managing Director of Blackberry India, Sunil Dutt, revealed that they are already running out of stock for the Z10.

He also claims that Blackberry had to increase its device forecast by 40% in the region, and that 45% of Blackberry 10 customers were “unique” customers who switched from a different brand. He is presumably talking about brands like Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG, and etc. The fact that the Blackberry Z10 has been enjoying success in India seems to be in line with what we’ve heard about from a Canadian retailer, although it remains to be seen if the stock shortages are due to low initial product or genuine interest. However the 45% figure of customers jumping ship is definitely worth noting. Do you guys agree with the numbers? Are you finding more people from iOS, Android or Windows Phone switching to the Z10?

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