google-camera-weather-patentOriginally, GPS was used by the military, and ever since the technology has made its way to the masses for peaceful and civilian use, we have seen our fair share of GPS navigation systems. Of course, these dedicated GPS navigation systems were once considered to be a “must have” device, but the proliferation of more affordable and yet capable smartphones with integrated GPS capability, alongside powerful mobile mapping software, rendered such dedicated GPS navigation devices more or less obsolete. Google has not forgotten about the functionality of GPS, and their recently published patent application has proposed the clever use of GPS to tune a camera automatically, depending on where you are, the local climate as well as your position – whether you are indoors or outdoors, so much so that the white balance and saturation will be configured accordingly to make shooting photos with your smartphone more or less a dummy-proof experience.


Of course, this remains a patent as at press time, and could very well be in the same boat for many more years to come, but I suppose the door is always open for Google to include this in future Android smartphones for a more intuitive photo taking experience.

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