Back in 2012 we reported on a new Android launcher called Chameleon. Originally designed for tablets, Chameleon is an Android launcher that will be able to change and adapt itself depending on where you are, the time, and so on. Now the good news is that if you don’t own an Android tablet but want Chameleon for your phone, you’re in luck because the folks behind the launch, Cwe, have launched the phone version of their launcher. While we have yet to use it for ourselves, assuming that the phone version is similar to the tablet version, then expect to have the same experience but on a smaller screen.

It is definitely not your typical Android launcher and is packed with features. Chameleon is currently available on Google Play and it is priced at $2.91 for the phone version. However if you plan to get an Android tablet in future and want to use Chameleon, there is a tablet and smartphone version of the launcher that is priced at $4. In the meantime if you want to see what all the fuss is about, you can check out the video above in which the good folks at Phandroid go through the launcher extensively.

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