First-person shooters lately have been trying their absolute best to either make their games as visually appealing as possible by creating extremely realistic graphics or by making them stylized. But there’s something about old-school first-person shooter games that even though they look OK by today’s standards, you can certainly enjoy their unique experience. A new mod will soon be released that brings the feel of an old-school FPS to modern-day games.

The mod is called gmDoom and contains a partial source port of Doom that brings its HUD, sights, sounds and weapons into Half Life 2. The results of which is a mashup that any old-school first-person shooter could certainly appreciate. The author of the mod GhorsHammer says this mod will be available through Steam Workshop once all of its bugs have been squashed, which they say should only take a few days.

We’re hoping the launch of gmDoom can spark more old-school first-person shooters to be mashed up with modern-day games like Rise of the Triads with Halo or Duke Nukem 3D with Duke Nukem. Make it happen, Internet!

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