The world of 3D printers does seem to be expanding its borders, as we have most recently spotted the 3Doodler printing pen that is quite a novel idea. Well, the possibilities of a 3D printer is more or less limitless, and with the seemingly infinite knowledge available on the Internet, you need not have any kind of design background, as chances are someone has already designed the 3D blueprint beforehand. Dreambox intends to bring 3D printing to a whole new level, where it functions as an on-demand 3D printing vending machine.

You will need to supply the Dreambox with a 3D model of the item that you want it to print, and if you happen to be a professional, then you can opt to upload your own design or modify existing ones. Once uploaded, the nearest Dreambox 3D printing machine will get to work, placing the completed project in a locker and text you when you are ready to pick it up. You will be supplied with a special code to unlock the locker and bring home your latest 3D creation, now how about that?

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