matternetWhat would be the next evolutionary step when it comes to supply delivery? Well, cellphones and smartphones have more or less made us take wireless connectivity for granted, and Paola Santana is one who figured out that flying drones could very well handle all delivery tasks in the future, which means highways and roads would see far less bikes and delivery trucks, as these drones would take to the skies to get the job done.

Santana, co-founder of drone-delivery startup Matternet, said, “We want to change the way infrastructure is seen. What if you could turn [the concept of] roads into something that is more flexible? I can send something straight to you. I don’t have to build anything. It just goes.”

Of course, these drones that Paola has in mind will feature GPS and autopilot technology to get the job done, and it will work autonomously, so no one will need a remote control to work it. Surely this is a great idea to help relieve road congestion in major cities, and it would also be idea for places where proper road infrastructure is sorely lacking such as Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

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