Last night’s re-run of Family Guy played host to the first commercial for Gears of War: Judgment, which will be releasing on the Xbox 360 on March 19. The commercial, called “Cheevos” ditches the traditional Gears of War commercials that featured some heart-wrenching visuals while somber music played, and instead went for a multiplayer-focused ad.

The Cheevos commercial highlights three Gears of War multiplayer fans who are apparently proud of achievements they’ve completed in Gears of War: Judgment. One fan completed 40 declassified missions, another won 92 Overrun matches and the last earning the “Like A Boss” achievement on his 22nd attempt.

The new commercial is supposed to be a fun change of pace compared to previous commercials, but I personally feel that’s what made the previous ads memorable. I feel the Gears series has proven itself to be more than just a co-op gore-fest that delivers a great multiplayer experience. Gears of War’s story has had many ups and downs, and if you read the books, you’ll know they went through even more hardships. That’s why I think for the Gears franchise, it would have been better to go with a more serious commercial like the previous ones, than this multiplayer-focused one.

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