gears-of-war-4Rage quitting is a problem in multiplayer games where one player who feels like they are losing, will just quit the game halfway. This ruins the experience for the other player or players, especially in a team-based game where the loss of one player could severely impact the final results.

We’ve seen some developers come up with interesting ways to deal with rage quitters, and it looks like Gears of War 4’s developers have also come up with their own way to deal with the problem. This will be implemented in the latest update to the game which basically sees a temporary matchmaking ban put into place.

According to The Coalition’s patch notes, “As of this update, players who quit a Core or Competitive Match will now be suspended from all matchmaking of any kind for a limited time to discourage drop out behavior – with the biggest time punishments going to the first player to quit the match. In addition, the more you quit, the longer the suspension you will receive from playing matchmaking.”

However if you quit a match due to a legit reason, like the cable dropping out or your router got accidentally reset, not to worry as they have taken this into account. “If your connection temporarily dropped or your pet tripped the power cable, all is not lost. Players can rejoin the match they left (provided it’s still in progress) for up to 5 minutes from the time they quit through a new ‘Rejoin Match’ option in the main Versus menu. Rejoining and completing the match will result in no penalties.”

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