gmail-composeGoogle has every intention of making life a whole lot easier for those of us who rely on the Internet to get things done, especially when it comes to communication. I can still remember how Gmail invites were extremely precious all those years ago, and now, just about everyone and their aunt have a Gmail account, or maybe several of those. Well, this can only mean one thing – Google is not going to sit down and leave Gmail just like that, but will work hard at improving the overall user experience. The latest update to Gmail would see the introduction of a new compose experience as the default, regardless of who you are.


For those who are already using the new compose experience (and loving it), chances are you would have realized that it has received a slew of upgrades in the past months, ranging from a new method to scurry files over using Google Drive to other often requested features such as pop-out replies. Not only that, there is also support for originally missing features including starring and labeling while you are composing a message, in addition to the Canned Responses lab. This new compose default should roll out to the entire world in a matter of the next few days, and you can check this page out if you need any help.

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