Earlier today, we did bring you word that Google Now was shown off in a YouTube video, which apparently shows how Google Now would work like on the iPhone and iPad platforms. It seemed to be rather weird for this leak to happen, especially when there was no official announcement made just yet on this new version of Google Now.

Android users would be more than familiar with what Google Now offers, with it being an advanced search feature that has been making its rounds on the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system for some time now. For it to work as intended, however, you will need to share a range of information with Google, but the benefits, some say, far outweighs the “costs”. Google Now is also tipped to be making its way to Chrome users sometime down the road, and to see the iOS version appear on video before being pulled down shortly is definitely encouraging news to hear. Of course, it takes common sense to tell you that you should always set a password for your wireless networks, and having some encryption is better than no encryption at all.

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