g-translate-appIf there is one thing which is a surefire fatal method of running a company, it would be to make sure that you rest on your laurels without thinking a wee bit on moving forward. Hence, it is nice to know that Google is a huge fan of innovation, and while it has been some time since the last update to the Google Translate app was released, this does not mean that the folks over at Google have been sleeping or playing SimCity all this while. No sir, they have been hard at work on a new Google Translate app update which was introduced earlier this morning, and along with it came a new option to download language packs so that it can be used whenever you do not have access to the Internet. Yes sir, Google Translate will now play nice with 50 different language packs to deliver offline translations.

This is great news, and the group that will get affected the most would be folks who do plenty of traveling, especially to areas where the language is far different from what they are familiar with, since it does away with the need to pick up a data plan to make sure that you will not be left high and dry in a foreign country, which could end up being a really expensive experience where overseas data roaming is concerned. Best of all is, it is free!

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