[CeBIT 2013] Yesterday, I met with Karen Regis, Director, Ultrabook Marketing at Intel and she showed me a reference design prototype for an Ultrabook featuring the Intel fourth generation of Intel Core i-series processors (codenamed Haswell).

The 17 millimeter thick device was shown at CES for the first time, and Intel has built only four units like this one. The processor manufacturer has made it easier to detach the touch display by adding a button and a green light to unlock the docking connector (see the demo in the video).

When detached, the display is 10 millimeter thick, it becomes a Windows 8 Tablet and provides 10 hours of battery life, when attached to the keyboard, it can run for 13 hours on one charge, according to Intel.

Additionally, there is a “magic” button that allows to extend the touch display area up to the edges: when you detach the tablet, the black bands surrounding the screen are not sensitive to touch, so you do not trigger any task when you take it off the dock, and when  hitting the button at the top, these black bands disappear and the touch area becomes larger.

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