The moment the iPhone 5 was announced, we’re sure rumors for the iPhone 5S started immediately after its announcement. For several months, we’ve seen possible leaks of the iPhone 5S, some of its components and Foxconn possibly already starting work building the device.

According to a Digitimes report published today citing sources from Apple’s supply chain, it seems we could expect the iPhone 5S to be released in Q3 2013 with a number of improvements over the current model, but nothing that would be considered a “major update.” The iPhone 5S instead will be an incremental bump as it’ll feature “a higher-end processor as well as higher-megapixel camera modules.”

Previous “S” model iPhones have always been incremental upgrades to the devices processor and a minor tweak of its camera, so today’s report isn’t at all surprising. We know Apple tends to deliver major improvements to its iPhone every other year, which at this rate just isn’t cutting it as competing smartphone makers are introducing major improvements to their devices on a yearly basis. The sooner Apple gets off its rump to deliver major improvements to the iPhone, the less of a lead they’ll give their competition.

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