Google Glass has been exciting tech enthusiasts ever since they were announced, and people are even more excited Google has promised the device will be available to consumers later this year for under $1,500. To help fuel people’s excitement for Google Glass, Google recently announced a contest to see what everyday people could do with the device, which they’re calling #ifihadglass.

JetBlue thought this was the perfect opportunity to showcase what it believes would be ways Google Glass could be helpful in our everyday lives.

Considering JetBlue is a major airline, we’re not surprised their suggestions has to do with air travel. One of the images JetBlue published on their Google+ page shows updated flight information as the traveler is making their way to their designated gate. The second image is one we’re sure many travelers could relate to as JetBlue highlights which electrical outlets are available near your gate.

The concepts JetBlue came up with are certainly ones we could see be implemented into Google Glass, although we would certainly recommend a detailed map of the airport that highlights where the closest Cinnabon is.

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