If you’re too busy in the kitchen to pay attention to the contents of your boiling pot, then perhaps this Japanese self-stirring pot might be of interest to you. Dubbed the Kurukuru Nabe, this pot was developed by Hideki Watanabe, a dentist from Tobe, Ehime Prefecture. Interestingly despite the title of a self-stirring pot, there isn’t any high-tech wizardry going on behind the scenes. Nope. It seems that all it requires is a grooved insert that allows the contents of the pot when boiling to move in a circular motion, similar to a whirlpool in water.

Not only will this pot help prevent the contents of the pot from boiling over, but it seems that it will be able to accumulate the dirt from vegetables/meat in the middle of the pot, allowing you the chef to fish it out, as opposed to having to scour the entire pot to remove the dirt. The pot launched in Japan in January early this year and has been met with huge success, success that Watanabe never dreamed of. It measures 7” across and is designed for use on gas stoves and is priced around $105. If you want to see the Kurukuru Nabe pot in action, check it out in the video above.

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