While Microsoft’s Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets are certainly pretty devices with a ton of potential, there were several flaws to either device, price being one of them and battery life being the other. That being said Microsoft has been pretty quiet on how many Surface tablets they have sold to date, but thanks to inside sources (via Bloomberg), those numbers have been revealed. According to the source, a total of 1.5 million Surface tablets have been sold to date, making it half of Microsoft’s 3 million Surface tablet orders.

Out of that 1.5 million, about 400,000 were for the Surface Pro, and a little more than a million accounting for the Surface RT. Considering that the Surface Pro launched later than the Surface RT, we guess that might explain the difference in numbers, preferences and whatnot aside. Assuming those numbers are to be believed, it does feel somewhat underwhelming. However since we doubt this is the last we’ll be hearing of the Surface series of tablets, perhaps Microsoft’s next attempt will be able to rake in more impressive figures. In the meantime what do you guys think? Are those numbers on par with what you’re seeing around you in terms of adoption?

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