I will be the first to admit that I would be pretty surprised if the above were to be true, that Microsoft Windows 9 will hit the markets sometime next November. It just feels too soon, and do we really need a next generation desktop operating system even before the entire world has made Windows 8 as their operating system of choice for millions of computers worldwide? One thing’s for sure though, you can bet your bottom dollar that Microsoft is definitely working on a next generation of their desktop operating system, but what they have decided to call it, and when will it roll out to the masses, remain to be seen. It would be a waste of time, too, to speculate on such details.

Win8China, a site that has provided a bunch of Windows leaks in the past which were hits (as well as misses), claimed that the software giant is working on Windows 9 for a tentative November 2014 product launch, and it would be as early as next January where we will be able to check out a beta. This, however, does jive with whispers on the street that Windows would get a yearly operating system update, and Windows Blue being touted to be a Windows 8 update later this year, so what’s stopping Windows 9 from a November 2014 release? All in all, we will be on our toes to make sure that when Windows 9 arrives, we will report it.

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