Mozilla Firefox logoLike them or not, Apple is definitely a company that splits opinions right down the middle. The very middle, as it would be very rare to find a person who does not give two hoots about what the company is going through, or has released in the market. Well, for those who are not exactly fans of the fruity company, you would be pleased to hear that Mozilla’s VP of Product, Jay Sullivan, mentioned to folks recently that they will not be rolling out the Firefox browser for the iOS platform simply because of Apple’s unwelcoming attitude toward third party browsers.

Of course, there would be no point at all in telling the world of such a thing if you do not have the kind of “facts” to back it up, right? Hence, Sullivan continued, that mobile Safari relies on the speedy Nitro JavaScript engine, but then Apple has asked (which would be a far nicer word for “forced”) third party browsers to make use the more sluggish UIWebView. This alone would ensure that mobile Safari loses its main edge where performance is concerned.

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