When it comes to gaming, most gamers tend to sport monstrous-looking rigs. There are a few reasons behind their choice, usually boiling down to multiple hard drives, large graphic cards and an extensive cooling system that a mini-ITX gaming rig will find hard to achieve. That being said, that’s pretty much the reason why all-in-one desktop systems aren’t exactly favored by gamers either, but it seems that MSI is hoping to change that. The company announced the AG2712 all-in-one gaming system a couple of days ago, but they are currently parading the device at CeBIT 2013.

For those hearing about the device for the first time, the MSI AG2712 is a 27” Full HD all-in-one desktop system that based on its looks, you wouldn’t be able to tell it was designed for gamers (gaming rigs tend to be flashier, think Alienware). The system will run on an Intel Core i7 ivy Bridge processor, although it is possible that it will be upgraded to Haswell later on. In terms of graphics, you can expect to find an NVIDIA GeForce 670MX GPU which was announced back in 2012. Unfortunately the 670MX is considered to be a laptop-grade GPU which means that don’t expect to max out the settings on games like Crysis 3. No word on pricing just yet, but given its specs, we don’t expect it to cost a fortune. Then again gamers looking for a new rig will probably be better off building one from scratch.

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