We think it’s safe to say the majority of people out there, especially if you own a video game console or any other device that offers the ability to watch streaming video online, have a Netflix account. $8 a month to be able to access a rather large library of videos at the drop of a hat is one many people can’t pass up, but would you consider saving $96 dollars by defacing your body with a corporate logo?

Twitter user @TheRealMyron decided he enjoyed Netflix so much, that he would get the company’s logo tattooed on his arm in one of the worst tattoos we’ve seen in the past couple of months. Fortunately, Netflix caught wind of his dedication to their service and went ahead and gave him a free year of the service.

In case you were wondering, Myron didn’t get his tattoo in order to receive a free year of service. He had the tattoo done because he was a devoted fan, which is actually more sad than we originally thought. I mean, I love a good Twinkie, but there’s no way I’d deface a piece of my favorite body to get a tattoo of one, especially if it turns into a devil Twinkie.

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