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How to Fix It When Disney Plus Is Not Working
Considering Disney+ as one of the recent popular video streaming service, it offers a big library of films and some TV series. Right now, it is limited to a few number of networks and production houses unlike Netflix but it is slowly gaining traction.

Sling TV Adds On-Demand Kids Channel
Dish’s over-the-top internet TV streaming service continues to add more content and the latest addition is geared towards subscribers who happen to have kids. While Sling TV already offers access to a plethora of kid-friendly channels like Baby TV, NickToons, TeenNick, Disney Junior, and more, it has launched Sling Kids to bring more than 200 on-demand TV shows and movies for kids to the service. It says that this is […]

North Korea Launches Its Own Video Streaming Service
There is certainly no shortage of video streaming services. Netflix is available in almost every country out there while popular services like Hulu and Amazon Video are available in a significant number of countries. However, there is one country that’s not served by any of these services, and that’s North Korea. Turns out, the DPRK has now released its very own video streaming service.

JetBlue Passengers Will Soon Be Able To Stream Content From Amazon Prime Video
JetBlue passengers will soon have access to a significantly large library of content to stream while they’re up in the air. It has been announced today that content from Amazon Prime Video will be accessible to JetBlue passengers on some flights, passengers need to be Prime members in order to stream content.


Netflix Gives Tattooed Fan One Year Of Free Service
We think it’s safe to say the majority of people out there, especially if you own a video game console or any other device that offers the ability to watch streaming video online, have a Netflix account. $8 a month to be able to access a rather large library of videos at the drop of a hat is one many people can’t pass up, but would you consider saving $96 […]

Roku Streaming Stick Gets New Partners
Roku has unveiled a new list of hardware partners who are working on making sure that the Roku stick works well on their HD Television. Partners include: Element Electronics, GlobalVue International LLC, Haier, Hitachi America Ltd,  Insignia, a Best Buy brand, Mitsubishi Electric (TVs), Onkyo and Integra, OPPO and TMAX Digital Inc (Apex Digital® TVs).The reason why this is important to get the TV folks on board is because the […]

Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 for 1080p Video Calling
[CES 2012] Logitech is well known for its high quality HD webcams and we are happy to see the manufacturer coming to CES with a new one. The Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 captures full-HD 1080p video for video calling with Skype latest version Skype 5.7 Beta for Windows. With Windows Live Messenger the webcam provide 720p video capture.Thanks to its Carl Zeiss optics, two speakers and a premium 20-step […]

Lenovo to roll out smart TV in 2012
With companies like Apple and Google offering streaming of movies and video content onto the television screen, Lenovo appears to be interested in hopping aboard the bandwagon as the Chinese company has recently announced that they had plans to unveil a smart TV of their own called the LeTV.

Amazon Kindle Fire will get Hulu Plus as well
So Barnes & Noble launched their brand new Nook Tablet and it will come loaded up with Hulu Plus along with Netflix. Now it looks like their competitor, Amazon with their Kindle Fire, have just announced that the Kindle Fire tablet will also get Hulu Plus along with ESPN ScoreCenter, which adds to the “thousands” of apps that will be available for the Kindle Fire.The Hulu Plus service will cost […]

HP Wireless TV Connect
HP is refreshing its HP Wireless TV Connect introduced in September last year. Basically, it is a similar technology then Intel WiDi except that it allows people who own computers that do not feature the WiDi chip (integrated to last generation Intel Core processors) to wirelessly stream HD multimedia content from their laptop to their TV display. It is also possible to stream 3D content from a PC to a […]

Netflix UK and Ireland services to launch in early 2012
Folks who are living in the UK as well as Ireland have something to look forward to – they will be getting Netflix’s services sometime from early next year onwards, which means if you so happen to live in that part of the world, you too, can take advantage of unlimited video streaming on desktops, tablets, notebooks, netbooks and other compatible mobile devices at what Netflix calls a “low monthly […]

Netflix gets Dreamworks from HBO
Netflix might have gone through some rather tough times in recent memory, but good thing an apology was issued by the head honcho to soothe ruffled featheres, Well, we are pleased to bring you news that Netflix just signed an exclusive deal with Dreamworks Animation in order to stream the studio’s box office hits to its customers – a coup that might see customers smile again. Dreamworks was the supplier […]

Intel comes up with a car security concept
When you’ve gotten your car loan approved and you’ve started making your payments over a 10 year period, the last thing you want is to have your car stolen, and it never hurts to have as much security as possible, right? While car alarms are great, it doesn’t work as good when you’ve parked in the garage and your office is on the 20th floor, not to mention car alarms […]

Sony Crackle brings free streaming video to your iOS devices
Sony has recently announced the release of the Crackle video streaming app for iOS devices. The app that is currently available on the PlayStation 3, Google TV and Google Chrome is now on everyone’s favorite shiny objects – the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.While there are countless video streaming services available online for your iOS devices, what sets Crackle apart is that all content shown on it is free. From […]

Sony's Crackle Now Streams Free Ad-Supported Video to PS3
Dum da da dum! As if there were enough video streaming services already, Sony’s Crackle video entertainment network is making the jump to the PlayStation 3. Free video always comes with a price and in this case as with most free digital goods, ads. Crackle is offering free streaming movies, TV and original content on the PlayStation 3 in addition to Sony Blu-ray players, Sony BRAVIA HDTVs with streaming Wi-Fi, […]

JetStreamHD: Media Streaming from Home Network to the iPad
[DEMO 2011] The JetStreamHD box promises to stream all your digital media stored anywhere on a home computer network to your iPad while you are on the go or at home relaxing. The company claims to be the first one to launch such a product and to offer a user friendly device “without upfront planning, conversion headaches, download time, sync hassles, or iPad memory limits”. I have not seen a […]

Motorola Working On Video Streaming Device
Speaking at the Reuters Global Media Summit, president of Motorola Mobility Daniel Moloney said that the company is busy working on a standalone device that will be capable of wirelessly streaming video to tablets and phones in the home. The device will be offered through service providers instead of being sold off the shelf, though providers might choose to incur an additional charge for its use. The device might even […]

Comcast Demanding A Recurring Fee For Streaming Video?
This might just be a deal that is going on behind the scenes that won’t interest most consumers, but there are also many folks out there who would be interested to hear that Level 3 Communications, a networking company that delivers streaming video to Netflix users, claims that Comcast is demanding a recurring fee for the transmission of such videos to its subscribers. If such an issue were true, it […]

Amazon Disc+ Offers Free Streaming for DVD Purchases for 10,000 Titles
Amazon has announced that it is expanding its Disc+ On Demand offering to 10,000 titles, which allows shoppers who purchase a physical retail DVD copy on the opportunity to get instantly gratified and watch their flick right away through Amazon’s video streaming service gratis. According to Amazon, customers who purchase select DVD or Blu-ray titles from the program will have a digital edition of their movie added to their […]

DaCast aims to help video content producers monetize their work
There are many ways to stream (commercial) live video over the internet. Services like UStream or JustinTV have existed for years. Yet, they don’t provide an answer to most people or organizations that want to monetize their video content. The reason is simple: most video streaming platforms provide the infrastructure and bandwidth to their users, but they often don’t help with the actual advertising sales. Also, Advertising purchasers often prefer […]