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"Tattoo" Helps Your Workout Sessions Power A Phone
While some folks see tattoos to be a form of self expression that is artistic and tasteful, perhaps there might be more than meets the eye where practical application is involved? We have seen tattoos in the past that were able to help athletes perform at their peak for a longer period of time, but this time around, how about a tattoo which could help you charge up your phone, […]

Konami Code Tattoo Is So Cool It May Give 30 Extra Lives
One of the most well known cheat codes in video game history has to be the infamous Konami code. Nearly all gamers should know this code by heart, and even some non-gamers probably know it since it’s made its way to a number of products as an easter egg. Vogue UK and the Chromebook Pixel are two products that recently used the Konami code, although if you for some reason need help […]

Lactate Sensing Temporary Tattoo Lets Athletes Perform At Their Peak Longer
Let’s just say that you have always wanted to get a tattoo simply because you think it is cool, but never really got round to doing so due to so many reasons – the lack of time, you have not stumbled upon the tattoo design that you like, or even the potential stick you would get from your mate due to different ideological paths. Well, how about a temporary tattoo? […]

Motorola Considers Pills, Tattoos To Allow You To Become A Walking Password
Motorola is coming up with a way for you to wear a tattoo or swallow a pill to help authenticate your passwords.


Netflix Gives Tattooed Fan One Year Of Free Service
We think it’s safe to say the majority of people out there, especially if you own a video game console or any other device that offers the ability to watch streaming video online, have a Netflix account. $8 a month to be able to access a rather large library of videos at the drop of a hat is one many people can’t pass up, but would you consider saving $96 […]

Tattoo artist will tattoo your Nokia Lumia 710
Unlike its higher-end siblings, the Nokia Lumia 800 and 900, the Lumia 710 isn’t exactly the most unique or eye-catching in terms of design, but if you’re looking to make your Lumia 710 stand out from the crowd, then perhaps tattooing your phone might be a good way to start.

Teeth art tattoos the next crazy thing in Japan
You know that the Japanese are rather quirky at times when it comes to the question of fashion, and this time around here is something weird that might just pique your interest. We’re talking about teeth art tattoos, and while it does not originate from Japan, it has arrived at the fashion scene in Tokyo. While a diamond shape or any glittering rhinestone seems to be the most popular versions, […]

Tattoo tracks sodium and glucose using iPhone
“There’s an app for that” has been a rallying cry for iPhone users for quite some time now, and today, the very same cry is louder than ever. Just what makes this particular app so special? For starters, it will rely on a nanosensor “tattoo” and a modified iPhone so that cyclists are able to better monitor sodium levels in their bodies, helping prevent dehydration before it happens. Prevention, after […]

QR code tattooed on man's chest
First of all, let us say this – is it a supremely clever and well-timed video editing job, or is it the real deal? You watch the video in the extended post and decide for yourself. For those of you who feel that this French dude is the man for having tattooed a QR code onto his chest which links it to an animated cartoon, read on. Marco apparently did […]

Nintendo AR games work on the skin too
Setting the standard for Nintendo fanboys all over the world, someone nicknamed cranberryzero recently got himself a tattoo declaring his love for the company and its latest gaming console, the 3DS. And no, it’s not a huge Super Mario on his back, Link’s sword on his chest or the Nintendo logo. He got the design of an AR (augmented reality) card tattooed on his wrist.Well to be honest, we can’t […]

Machine automatically tattoos you
What’s worse than getting a tattoo you choose from a catalog of bad designs and then halfway through the process of getting inked, regretting it? How about someone else that chooses your tattoo for you instead? In this case, a machine. Some folks have come up with an automatic tattoo machine to do just that. All you have to do is get strapped to the device, and once it starts, […]

Sony PlayStation Turned Into A Homemade Tattoo Gun
Trying to figure out a good reason to take a child’s old-but-still-addictive Sony PlayStation away from him? How about the fact that it could be used as a homemade tattoo gun? While the process isn’t that straightforward, it seems that someone from the Brook House Immigration Removal Centre in West Sussex had been using the internal motor of the PlayStation console, along with part of its external casing to power […]

HTC Sync Updated For Magic, Hero And Tattoo
For those of you owning HTC phones running Google’s Android, HTC has released an updated version of the HTC Sync software. The latest version (2.0.8) features minor upgrades such as media enhancements and synchronizing with your PC’s time. If you feel that those aren’t important to you, then you could always skip the update. But find out more on the update here.