Google Glass is yet to be released to the public. No definite release date has been announced as of now and it could probably take a long time before it becomes available in the market. Nevertheless legislators from West Virginia have already gone on the defensive. A new bill is going to be introduced which seeks to ban Google Glass while driving, in West Virginia.

Gary G. Howell, member of the West Virginia House of Delegates, is being this bill. He says that using Glass while driving essentially poses the same threats that texting while driving does. Adding that young people are particularly quick to try new technology, and they’re usually the more inexperienced drivers. That, in his view, could prove to be a problem for all drive and hence the bill to ban Google Glass behind the wheel. Gary’s not exactly against Google Glass, he says that he likes the product and believes that it is the future. Could Glass prove to be a distraction for the driver? The comparison to texting while driving does put things in to some perspective, doesn’t it?

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