What is small and disappears quickly? Well, you can classify the Nexus 7 Dock as one of them for sure, where it has, at long last, arrived on the Google Play Store, but this cameo, as it felt that way, was so short lived since the accessory is apparently in great demand, and is already sold out, now how about that? When it was still available, the Nexus 7 Dock retailed for $29.99 a pop, but for regions that carry it, it remains under the banner of “Temporarily out of stock”. I guess the $29.99 price point proved itself to be too attractive for customers, or perhaps to a less probable degree, Google has yet to put a finger on the entire supply/demand chain where their Nexus 7 Dock is concerned.

Also, another reason as to why the Nexus 7 Dock did sell like gangbusters (that is what we would like to assume, since there were no official details on the number of accessories that were sold to date), which would be the $10 discount on the Nexus 7 Dock compared to what majority of the other retailers have sold the dock for. Connectivity options include microUSB and audio out ports, sans video out.

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