nintendo-3ds-light-blueI find it interesting that these days, most hardware have the ability for you to upload, or “flash” it with the latest firmware in order to further enhance said device’s performance – something that was definitely not done in the past. Well, Nintendo of Japan has just announced a downloadable update for the Nintendo 3DS which is said to throw in a new function to the hand-held portable gaming system.


One of the items that will be featured in the firmware update would be a tool that enables Nintendo 3DS users to transfer save data from the packaged version of a game to the downloadable version. In other words, those who picked up a physical version of a game originally will be able to continue from their last save point should they decide to download the digital version of the same game. Do tread with some caution though, as save data that was transferred to a digital game is an irreversible act – it cannot be moved back to the physical version.

Other than that, another improvement would be the ability to download items in the background when the Nintendo 3DS system remains in Sleep Mode, and items too, will fall under this so-called “influence” as they can be downloaded while the Nintendo eShop is running.

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