NVIDIA has revealed a little more of its roadmap today. Off the initial roadmap that was shown to us at Mobile World Congress 2011, there NVIDIA has revealed what Logan is about, and has added a new chip codenamed Parker to the roadmap. Before we talk about Parker, NVIDIA has reminded us that Logan is using a Kepler GPU, which means that this is the first time that NVIDIA says that it is using direct development coming from the PC.Until now, and up to Tegra 4, the GPU cores had been custom built for mobile purposes. Now, I’m not sure how much was re-used from Kepler on PC, but all the features are there, including CUDA (GPU computing) and Open GL 4.3 which effectively means that mobiles will have the DirectX11 feature-set. This finally brings feature parity with desktop and laptop computers – this is huge, especially for game developers. Logan is set for an “early 2014 release”.

Parker will take things further, and bring NVIDIA’s near-mythical Denver CPU core, along with a new graphics processor based on the Maxwell architecture. Parker will be built with FinFET, a new 3D transistor technology which is designed to improve the ratio between performance and power consumption. Watch the video above to get the full presentation (still processing in Youtube… thanks for your patience).

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