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NVIDIA's Powerful Logan and Parker Tegra Chips Presented At GTC
NVIDIA has revealed a little more of its roadmap today. Off the initial roadmap that was shown to us at Mobile World Congress 2011, there NVIDIA has revealed what Logan is about, and has added a new chip codenamed Parker to the roadmap. Before we talk about Parker, NVIDIA has reminded us that Logan is using a Kepler GPU, which means that this is the first time that NVIDIA says […]

AT&T Q1 2012 roadmap leaked?
If you’re wondering when you’ll see the Nokia Lumia 900 on sale in the US, AT&T’s leaked has the answers for you. The folks over at BGR supposedly got their hands on AT&T’s roadmap for Q1 2012 from a trusted source and claim that the LTE Windows Phone device will be going on sale March 18th. What’s surprising is that the phone is said to only cost $99.99 on a […]

RIM’s 2012 road map leaked?
If you’re keen on finding out what RIM will be up to for the next 15 months, RIM’s leaked roadmap for 2012 might help fill you in. According to BGR that posted the roapmap (based on info gathered from its sources), RIM will be releasing BlackBerry 10 devices starting this fall. In the mean time it will still be pushing out BlackBerry 7 devices in emerging and global markets. First […]

ASUS tablet roadmap 2012 revealed
Interested in knowing what ASUS is up to for the rest of the year when it comes to the subject of tablets? You’re in luck because at a press event in Taipei today, Samson Hu, the Vice President and General Manager of the Eee Systems Business Unit revealed the company’s tablet roadmap for 2012.


Windows Phone roadmap leaked, updates detailed
Curious about where Microsoft is taking its latest mobile operating system the following year? It looks like we have the answer. The folks over at WMPoweruser recently got their hands on what is claimed to be a leaked roadmap for Windows Phone and it does show us some interesting details.

Leaked Verizon roadmap shows Galaxy Nexus release date
In the past we’ve had speculations about the release date of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, but nothing solid until now. The folks over at Droid-Life recently got their hands on a leaked Verizon roadmap, listing a number of upcoming devices that will go on sale from the carrier in the month of November and December. And if the dates turn out to be accurate, we’re going to see the Galaxy […]

AT&T 2H 2011 roadmap leaked
Great news for AT&T customers. If you’re keen on finding out what’s arriving on your carrier later this year, you’re in luck. The folks over at pocketnow have managed to get their hands on the 2H 2011 roadmap for AT&T, which shows off a list of devices from a wide range of manufacturers. There’s going to be a good mix of Android, Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) and BlackBerry 7 devices, […]

Leaked Samsung roadmap fake?
Yesterday, a Lithuanian site was believed to have discovered Samsung’s roadmap for 2011 which pointed out a number of exciting devices that will be arriving later this year, including some new Bada 2.0 phones, and a new high-end Samsung device that packs a full HD (1280 x 720) resolution display. Other devices leaked include a new 7″ tablet that is said to replace the original Samsung Galaxy Tab.

T-Mobile roadmap experiences another leak
We have heard whispers that 3.5G-capable Windows Phone 7 devices are coming your way from T-Mobile, but here are more rumors to keep those who love such gossip on the tech grapevine. It seems that T-Mobile’s upcoming roadmap has been leaked, where we are able to get a closer look at what T-Mobile will be offering during the next two months.

Sprint Q3 product roadmap leaked?
Fans of Sprint, the nation’s second largest CDMA carrier, will be delighted to learn about what Sprint has in store for them for the third quarter of this year. The folks over at This Is My Next recently learned the product roadmap for Q3 2011 (July-September) from a trusted source who divulged what’s up the carrier’s sleeves. So what can we expect from Sprint later this year?

T-Mobile 2011 roadmap points to HTC G-Infinity and LG Optimus II amongst others
T-Mobile has a new 2011 roadmap that shows off a bevy of new handsets apart from the Samsung Hercules – we are talkinga bout the HTC G-Infinity, LG Optimus II, BlackBerry Bold Touch, Monza, and Apollo – all in the coming months.This June, you will get be able to get your hands on the Sensation 4G, t499 Tass, and t379 Triumph. Apart from that, do look forward also to the […]

Verizon spring roadmap leaked
Forget about searching for eggs this Easter around the garden – you’d have better luck looking for Android-powered smartphones from Verizon instead, at least according to the latest spring roadmap that was leaked, featuring a bunch of new 4G LTE handsets. The Samsung 4G LTE handset that we thought would fall under the Stealth moniker is actually the Charge as it gears up for an April 7th release. Not only […]

Verizon Leaked Roadmap Confirms HTC Merge For Q4 Of 2010
Another leaked Verizon roadmap has surfaced, confirming that the HTC Merge/Lexikon will be marketed as the HTC Merge and it should arrive in Q4 of 2010. There’s also mention of the Motorola Droid 2 Global, the LG enV Pro and Droid Pro to complete the world phone line up. Launch dates of said phones still aren’t mentioned, but we’re definitely looking forward to them. Other devices mentioned in the list […]

Verizon Roadmap Leak Offers Information On Motorola Stingray Tablet And Phones
More details on Verizon’s gadget roadmap has surfaced today, giving us some additional details on the upcoming Motorola Stingray tablet. It has been confirmed that the tablet will sport a 10-inch display, Android 3.0 OS, 16GB of storage, and will be powered by a dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 chip. Despite Verizon’s recent focus on LTE, the device will apparently only ship with 3G support, but will be hardware upgradable to […]