violin-laserIt is taken for granted that generally speaking, Stradivarius violins are among the most sought after in the world, but what really matters is, just which hands is the violin in question being played with? Give a Stradivarius violin to a beginner and you will most probably be better hearing off a cat screeching orchestra, but when a maestro picks it up, now that is art in motion. Here is a rather unconventional take at what a violin could be in the future, thanks to technology lecturer Dylan Menzies who decided to fall back on the clever amalgamation of using software as well as lasers which will translate the positioning, speed and motion of a traditional wooden bow, all into music. In other words, Dylan introduces the O-Bow Laser Violin to the world.

The optical sensor-driven O-Bow will come encased in copper, complete with a groove for the bow, and this system of his will fall back on synthesis software in order to translate data which has been sent from an optical flow sensor, and that will help track the speed, motion and angle of a wooden rod in high resolution as though it is moving across it. Right now, the 5th prototype of the O-Bow has been completed, and it remains to be seen whether something like this will ever hit the market commercially.

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