Nabisco’s recent Oreo videos have been gaining a good amount of attention as they feature people who are passionate enough to create methods of separating the cookie and cream filling. We first met a man who built a machine which completely removed the cream filling and then met two people who invented a machine that allowed both cookie & cream lovers to co-exist. Today, we meet HERB.

Robotic researchers from Carnegie Mellon University built HERB, who is a Household-Exploring Robotic Butler, originally to assist people with their household duties, which we’re hoping one day includes doing the laundry and cooking up some Steak ‘Ems. HERB’s duties shifted a tad recently in order to help separate Oreo cookies, which HERB says, “Apparently, that is a big deal for humans.”

HERB attempts to separate an Oreo cookie a number of times, the majority of the time resulted in a crumbled Oreo. Ultimately, HERB not only learned how to successfully separate an Oreo cookie, but he also used additional tools that helped completely remove the cream to prepare it for human consumption.

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