ouya-june-launchIt looks like the Ouya console has come full circle, after managing to capture the attention of the world with its Kickstarter campaign which remarkably managed to collect more than $8 million in funding last June, which means a year after that, the startup will keep to their promise and fulfill the pledge of rolling out the Ouya game console to retailers this coming June 4th. The Ouya console is definitely one of the more affordable consoles out there, with a $99 price tag stuck to it, and the role of the Ouya console is to disrupt the TV gaming market in a similar manner that the iPhone changed the world of portable and casual games.

With Ouya, it is hoped that developers with an interest and strength in programming are able to deliver inexpensive yet fun games. Powered by the Android platform, the other of Ouya’s main objective would be to ensure that costs remain rock bottom, as part of the effort to encourage innovation in a way that the traditional game development model cannot. Just one thing – do not expect it to deliver the level of immersion and graphics like those found on current generation consoles, of course, and most probably you will have to settle for pretty 2D imagery instead.

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