Indie game developer Tiny Horse Games have just announced earlier today that they will be rolling out its debut title known as “Mimic Arena,” via OUYA Publishing. This particular game would mean it is the first multi-platform release by OUYA Publishing, and it will comprise of “Mimic Arena” distribution on Razer Forge TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, and NVIDIA Shield, now how about that for a variety of platforms?

OUYA Publishing came about after Razer picked up OUYA assets as well as related IP, and since then, Razer has worked to reposition OUYA. Here is a refresher lesson – the OUYA happens to be the most successful crowd-funded business of its day, and was also the pioneer of the first console for Android-based games, and OUYA Publishing is the development and distribution arm that supports Android-based game makers and platforms.

Some of the key members of the original OUYA team were pulled in to oversee the business and foster productive relationships within the Android community, and OUYA Publishing did wear a hat before that saw them function as a publishing promotional partner, assisting in funding Numinous Games’ “That Dragon, Cancer,” which were rolled out in January earlier this year for Razer Forge TV and Steam.

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