ouya-discountIt looks like OUYA, despite all of the promises that it brought along with it, has not really taken off in a big way, so much so that the company has been acquired by Razer earlier this year as confirmed by Razer themselves in July 2015. Having said that, this does not meant that OUYA’s foray into the set-top box market has arrived at a halt, since Razer’s purchase of the company might be a step in the right direction to shape up its very own Forge TV that has hit the market for quite some time already. Regardless, those who own OUYA hardware will be pleased this Christmas knowing that they are entitled to a $50 discount should they decide to pick up the Forge TV-and-controller bundle.

In other words, the total price would be now a mere $100, which should make it a pretty good candidate for an impulse purchase, don’t you think so? Apart from that, one can also look at it from a different angle – that is, to pick up the controller for free. Not only that, OUYA owners will be entitled to enjoy $10 of free credit for Cortex, which happens to be Razer’s spanking new Android game store. How has your Christmas shopping experience been so far?

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