ouya_developer_kits_shippingThe Ouya console sure as heck looks as though it is going to be a winner right out of the blocks, considering the relatively low pricing compared to its other high powered consoles in the market. Expected to ship from next week onwards to those who dropped serious money for the Ouya console back when it was being incubated in a Kickstarter campaign, you will be able to soon download and play games on your TV, thanks to this Android-powered console. While majority of the games that you play will have been optimized for use with a gamepad and TV, you could also enjoy games that were not meant for the Android platform – as Ouya is capable of supporting emulators.

According to developer Paul Lamb, he managed to port his Mupen64 emulator to the Ouya platform, which then allowed him to enjoy Nintendo64 games on an Ouya. The thing is, emulators are fine and dandy, but there is this very sticky issue concerning the legality of ROMs, especially of those older games in the market. Would the lure of emulators pull you over to Ouya’s side?

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