pi-dosThere is nothing quite like the feeling of paying a visit to the past, and sometimes, old is gold where certain computer games are concerned. I am quite sure that some of us do think back of those PC games which we spent hours on during our formative years as a teenager, where the DOS platform proved to be rather tricky when it comes to configuring your audio setup, with IRQs, XMS and EMS memory to set and all. Who would have thought that fast forward by a couple of decades, and something as small as the Raspberry Pi is powerful enough to run a DOS emulator, which in turn will let you enjoy those old school DOS games?

Homebrew coder Pate already has experience with DOS emulators, coming up with one for the Nintendo DS in the past, and has just completed another DOS emulator for the Raspberry Pi which is based on the DS version known as rpix86. You will obviously require a Raspberry Pi in the first place, as well as some know how before jumping through the rabbit hole and going back in time with your favorite DOS games.

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