samsung_contentservicesWhile nothing quite beats the quality and variety that one might expect from an official app store, such as the iTunes App Store or Google Play, that has not stopped certain parties from launching app stores of their own, such as Amazon’s Appstore, and recently Samsung’s own “Content & Services”. We’re not sure if that is Samsung’s official name for their app store, but we hope not because well, it just doesn’t sound very catchy! According to the website, this portal will serve as Samsung’s platform for providing their customers with content and services, such as apps, for their Samsung-based products i.e. televisions, smartphones and/or tablets. We’re not sure if this is limited to just Samsung products, thus creating a sense of exclusivity, or if Samsung will open it up to all sorts of Android devices (we’re thinking the latter). In the meantime if you’re wondering what sort of apps/content they have, feel free to navigate on over to check it out!

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