samsung-nx300--33There are cameras, and then there are digital cameras, and the Samsung NX300 SMART camera would be one that fall under the latter category. Sporting a 45mm 2D/3D lens, it will also arrive with a new partnership between the South Korean company, Samsung, alongside the world’s fastest man, Olympian Usain Bolt who picked up gold in London sometime in the middle of last year.

Bolt has appeared in global initiatives for the camera and the ‘NX Junior Photographer’ campaign will see both Samsung as well as Usain Bolt work in partnership, helping to continue build on Bolt’s natural love of being behind the camera, as a way to ignite the love of photography with this 20.3-megapixel shooter. It is always nice to see something in the hand which was once just a prototype, or being previewed by a select few before being released commercially across the board. The Samsung NX300 SMART camera will be accompanied by a $749.99 price tag, while its 45mm 2D/3D lens will cost another $499.95 if you are interested in picking one of these bad boys up.

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