Who would have thought that we would actually see the day when something unreleased is already banned? Now, I am not referring to those communist countries or dictatorships that ban stuff from the general public, but rather, something that could very well be a game changer in the realm of consumer electronics like Google Glass being banned, with a Seattle Dive Bar being the first place to do so. Surely this will set a precedent to other businesses who might feel that their businesses could be threatened by a wearable recording device (the movie theaters would be another), and it will definitely not be the last business to ban a pair of Google Glass from strolling in for sure.

Dave Meinert, the dive bar’s, said, “Because we don’t let people film other people or take photos unwanted of people in the bar, because it is kind of a private place that people go.” Of course, what is the whole point of such a banter if it is only one way traffic? When approached, a Google spokesperson responded, “It is still very early days for Glass, and we expect that as with other new technologies, such as cell phones, behaviors and social norms will develop over time.”

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