I’m not sure about you guys, but I love my speakers and I have invested a fair bit of money in setting them up. That being said I would never consider using my speakers as a snack tray, but then again why would anybody, right? Well spotted at MWC 2013 were a set of speakers called the Josiah by Kwamecorp. These are a set of speakers made from ceramic and pair with your smartphone/tablet via Bluetooth. It features a clean and minimalist design and the fact that it is made from ceramic should fit in nicely with your kitchenware. In fact it even comes with a pair of cutouts at the top where you could fit things in, peanuts, jellybeans, cookies, coins, keys, etc.

There’s a version that comes with a DAB radio that features an exotic wooden top, but that will cost you slightly more. So much will the Josiah speakers set you back? Well the wireless Bluetooth version will cost around $481, while the version with the DAB radio will go for around $511. More information on these speakers can be found on Kwamecorp’s website.

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