The new Tomb Raider was released on Tuesday, which we’re sure many of you picked up your copy and are thoroughly enjoying Lara Croft’s adventures. But just how many people picked up Tomb Raider has yet to be officially announced by Square Enix, but Crystal Dynamics’ global brand director Karl Stewart clued us in last night via his Twitter account.

According to Stewart, a total of one million Tomb Raider-ers have been playing the game in less than 48 hours of the game’s release. We don’t think Stewart meant one milling concurrent players, instead we believe Stewart meant one million units were sold in 48 hours as it seems way more likely than one million people playing the game at the same time.

Considering the previous Tomb Raider: Underworld only sold a total of 1.5 million units, which resulted to a number of layoffs at Crystal Dynamics, we’re happy to hear a new Tomb Raider has been receiving the kind of attention and praise it deserves. Let’s just hope additional DLC could keep the game in our disc drives for months to come.

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