american-airlinesEarlier yesterday, we did talk about how flights of American Airlines were grounded because of a computer problem, and this led to tens of thousands of passengers being stranded on airports with no way of arriving at their destinations on time – insurance companies would definitely balk at the amount of payout that they would need to make. Good to know what whatever issues American Airlines suffered with their computers, all of those have been fixed, and American Airlines tweeted late yesterday, “Our systems have been fully restored, however we expect continued delays & cancellations. More details:”

The outage lasted for more than 4 hours, and while that might not sound like too long a wait, it has done plenty of damage to the reservations of the every passenger who decided to fly with American Airlines today. It goes without saying that the delays will last for many more hours down the road, and a system-wide ground delay is said to be in effect until 5PM ET yesterday. At the very least, American Airlines were rather chatty over social networking channels like Twitter and Facebook, so at least that part of their PR exercise is covered. Were you affected by this computer glitch?

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