It was reported last week that PC sales were in a nose dive and that there was no apparent fix to the solution. If this rumor is to be believed, then the fall in sales of conventional computers has not only affected Windows manufacturers, it has also taken its toll on Apple and its Mac computers. This latest rumors comes from Digitimes, claiming that Apple grossly misjudged the number of Macs it thought it would be able to sell in the first half of this year. This publication is the source of many Apple rumors and is usually hit or miss, so don’t be too sure about the credibility of this rumor.

Citing upstream suppliers as sources, it claims that they have not received word as to when Apple will resume Mac component orders. The sources say that supply chain was receiving almost no orders for Mac components after the Lunar New Year holidays, adding that Apple had aggressively placed orders towards the end of 2012 but it hasn’t been able to sell as much as it hoped to. Apple has reportedly not even given suppliers its shipment forecast  which it does at the end of every quarter for the next quarter. A number of component suppliers are worried that Apple might not place orders for components until the end of May.

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