We know Bethesda is planning to make some more noise this year especially considering the team behind Skyrim will be moving on from the game. The teasing looks to have officially started as Bethesda just published a cryptic Vine video of an unannounced game earlier today.

The Vine video Bethesda published shows four scenes: two of the scenes feature barbed wire moving in a circular motion, then a sheet music can be seen, one of which includes Johann Sebastian Bach’s “Air on the G-String.” We’re not sure what Bethesda is teasing in its Vine video, but one thing we do know is that it isn’t related to Fallout 4 as Bethesda’s president of marketing and PR Pete Hines squashed that thought right out of our heads.

Eurogamer seems to believe it may be a teaser for a new Wolfenstein game, which considering the visuals of barbed wire and Bach’s music might make more sense than a teaser for Fallout. Either way, Bethesda has us talking about it once again and we hope they don’t hold out on what their big announcement is going to be for too long.

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