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Sony Refunding PS3 Owners After Inflating Deadpool Price
Those who purchased Deadpool on the PlayStation Network will be receiving a refund due to an error in pricing.

BioShock Infinite Player Asks For Refund After Viewing Religiously Offensive Scene
BioShock Infinite was released three weeks ago with many players completely surprised by not only its story, but also at its ending. We won’t get into its story, but there is one moment in the game that was so disturbing for a player, he demanded a refund.[Warning: Slight spoilers ahead which won’t ruin the game’s story, but it does share an early moment of the game which is necessary to enter […]

Verzo adjusts price of Kinzo smartphone based on customer feedback
The Verzo Kinzo was launched a few weeks back and it appears that many would-be customers expressed their dissatisfaction with its price. Given that the Kinzo will be Verzo’s flagship phone, the company has decided to take the feedback from their customers seriously and have adjusted the price of the Android Kinzo smartphone to a slightly more affordable and reasonable price.

HP to refund money to TouchPad early adopters
This week, HP announced that its TouchPad tablets would be receiving a massive price reduction, with the price of the 16GB version dropping to only $99. While most consumers seemed pretty pleased – after all, they could finally try out a webOS device without investing too much. But there was a group of people who weren’t too pleased about the price cut – the early adopters of the HP TouchPad.


HP TouchPad pulled from Harvey Norman Australia
As most are aware, HP had overnight announced that they would be discontinuing webOS, and naturally this was a shock to many – potential customers, current owners of HP’s webOS tablet, the TouchPad, as well as retailers who may have placed huge orders on the TouchPad.

Apple offering refunds to recent iPad buyers
Great news for those folks who purchased an iPad recently and didn’t know Apple was going to announce the iPad 2 yesterday. Apple has announced that people who purchased the first generation iPad within the last 2 weeks can be subjected to extra special treatment. They can either request for a $100 refund, or they can return their device to Apple for a full refund since the iPad 2 will […]

Sandy Bridge is falling down, Samsung offers refunds
Samsung Electronics has just issued a statement that they will be offering refunds for PCs purchased by consumers because of a design flaw in a bunch of Intel’s latest Sandy Bridge chips. NEC on the other hand, will be working on delaying the release of several PC models while Intel fixes the situation. Having said that, let us concentrate on what Samsung has to offer – refunds or exchanges for […]

iPhone 4 Antennagate: free cases or return it if you're not happy
Photo courtesy of allthingsDThis morning, Steve Jobs started by saying how great the iPhone 4 is, so great in fact that Apple has sold 3 Million so far, or about 1 Million per week. He also said that this was not unique to the iPhone 4 and showed the same thing happen on a Blackberry Bold 9700 (I have not been able to reproduce this on mine). He added that […]