bluebulbIs a light bulb a light bulb, and is it capable of anything more? The correct answer would be a resounding “Yes!”. After all, just like how we have seen last year when Philips introduced their Hue LED lighting home system that can be controlled by a compatible smartphone and tablet device, so too, has there been advances made in the world of light bulbs. Take for instance, BlueBulb‘s Bluetooth Bulb, which is an LED light bulb which allows you to control and color-customize it via a Bluetooth connection as well as help from an iOS app.

This BlueBulb will be able to fit into any standard lamp socket, and it should not take too long to set up the free app on your iOS-powered device before you get that crazed Emperor Palpatine look on your face, screaming, “Power! Unlimited power!!!” as you use your iOS device to control the way the BlueBulb Bluetooth bulb works in your home. Apparently, you are able to change its colors using the bar, with the choice of up to a million different colors, now how about that?

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