When you consider how easy it is for anyone to look over your shoulder while you’re typing in your password, as secure as you believe it to be, there will always be a way for people to figure it out of they really want to. But it looks like a future of typing in passwords may be a thing of the past thanks to a new project that is using “passthoughts.”

School of Information researchers used a consumer-based headset that had built-in electroencephalogram (EEG) and developed a way for users to authenticate their log in credentials by only using their brain waves. The EEG-equipped device they uses was a Neurosky Mindset, which at only costs $199. The low-cost of the headset are the key here as in the past, using an EEG-equipped headset would not only be more expensive, but they were also invasive.

Hopefully those of you with extremely confusing passwords will be able to remember them if a “passthoughts” system is ever implemented. We’re sure something like this wouldn’t be able to help you remember your password without needing to do some serious digging into your brain.

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