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Melomind Brainwave Reader  Audio Headset Teaches You To Relax
We have been following melomind, a very unique gadget, since its first apparition at CES 2015, and since then, the product design is a lot better,  (at CES 2016). As for the technology we did not try it, so we will report from the specifications provided on the paper.On Tuesday, myBrain Technologies, the company behind melomind launched its Kickstarter campaign, with a goal of $50,000 to cover mostly manufacturing costs, […]

EEG Electrode Face Mask Charts Brain Activity
Electroencephalography, otherwise known as EEG, happens to be one of the better known methods when it comes to assessing one’s brain function. However, applying the electrodes onto the scalp and to have it function accurately is not exactly as easy as it looks to be, and is hardly ever used when it comes to clinical practice. In the event of an emergency, being able to figure out how the brain […]

Melon Headband Improves Your Focus By Reading Your Brain Waves
In the digital age, we’re sure you find it difficult to focus on a number of important tasks on a regular basis as studying for an exam or being able perform a task at work without looking at your phone is nearly impossible. But a new high-tech headband is being introduced as a way to help not only track, but improve your focus.The headband is called Melon and is a […]

Brainwave Sensor Will Validate Log In Credentials Using Only Your Mind
When you consider how easy it is for anyone to look over your shoulder while you’re typing in your password, as secure as you believe it to be, there will always be a way for people to figure it out of they really want to. But it looks like a future of typing in passwords may be a thing of the past thanks to a new project that is using […]


CareFusion Nicolet EEG Wireless Amplifier
You know, being a doctor might not necessarily be a glamorous job, unlike what you see on TV where the doctors there always have a fantastic day at work, and their colleagues are hot to boot. Well, in real life, things could very well be extremely different – case in point, physicians might have to decipher just how their patients are doing from very little information, no thanks to infrequent […]

EEG powered by smartphones
Folks over at the Technical University of Denmark managed to cobble together a portable EEG system that comprises of a low-cost scalp monitor and a smartphone application. This is not exactly rocket science, but the positive implications of such a contraption is definitely worth looking into – a resemblance of a handheld EEG unit. All it requires is an Emotiv headset that you should be able to pull off a […]

Researchers develop a way to detect epileptic seizures automatically
Epileptic seizures, caused by disruptions in the normal electrical activity of the brain can cause victims to suffer convulsions and unconsciousness. At the moment, there is no way to predict when such seizures would happen besides manually checking records of electrical activity of patient’s brains that have been recorded using EEGs (electroencephalograms). Normally it isn’t a problem to review EEG data, but when you have weeks’ worth of readings and […]

intendiX: a brain controlled laptop that lets you type with your mind
At CeBIT 2011 this week, Guger Technologies showed off their indendiX brain speller machine – an electroencephalography (EEG) device that lets users type with their minds. Using an electrode cap that detects brain waves from the user’s head and an amplifier that amplifies the waves to the machine, the intendiX can determine which characters a user wants to type based on what they are focusing on. It was touted to […]

Intendix hits the market
Intendix is touted to be the first patient-ready and commercially available brain computer interface in the world, debuting at CeBIT 2010. The Intendix system from Guger Technologies relies on a dorky-looking EEG cap which is used to measure brain activity, letting you type with nothing but thought power. It takes around 10 minutes of training before you are able to use it with aplomb, and will definitely come in handy […]