A luxury resort based in California, the La Playa Carmel, has lifted a 30 year ban on Apple after a company retreat turned in to more of a college beer blast, as described by Frank Rose who is the author of “West of Eden: The End of Innocence at Apple Computer.” Simply called La Playa back in 1983, this resort was one of Steve’s favorites for holding offsite meetings. Back then such meetings were considered a “way of life” for Apple, which was still in its early stages.

The Macintosh team’s retreat on January 27-28, 1983 saw the team have a bit too much fun. They lit a bonfire on the beach causing the police to come down and make them put it out. Some members of the team also went skinny dipping in the resort’s pool, which was obviously frowned upon. The next day they were told never to return to the La Playa. Now the resort is under new management, and they had this to say: Welcome back, Apple: All is forgiven. Apple is a lot bigger now than it was back in ’83, surely the new management knows how what it would be like to have Apple back on as a client. The company has not released a statement on this, perhaps they’ve found a couple of new resorts in the past 3 decades.

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